PCSS 2014 Alumni Night Photos

2014 Alumni Night Photo Album

Click here to view the photo album or click on the image at left. We are still in the process of identifying people and adding photo captionsIf you know any of the "unknowns", then please e-mail us at: captions@pcssreunions.com . Be sure to specify the photo number and that person's final year (if known).

Did you take any photos during the Alumni Night that you'd like to share? If so, then please send them to us so that we can add them to our photo album. Send them to photos@pcssreunions.com . Please identify everyone (or as many people as you can) in each photo.

Do We Have Your E-Mail Address?

The PCSS Alumni Association Committee's database contains the names and e-mail addresses of over 3,000 former students and teachers, and is used to communicate with the alumni. If you did not receive e-mails related to the 90th Reunion or our annual Alumni Nights, your e-mail address may not be in our database. Please visit the PCSS Alumni web site to ensure that your e-mail address is registered in our database, so that you will receive the 2010 Reunion updates.

Port Credit Stories - Your High School Memories

We've started a new initiative called Port Credit Stories, and it will be our way of bringing the history of PCHS and PCSS to life in a way that's never been done before. Click on the link above to read (and also share with us) the stories and memories of your high school.


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